Word de beste ondernemer die je kan zijn


StudentsInc focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills followed by the development of a business. StudentsInc is the most valuable ‘playground’ for serious young entrepreneurs whereby we ensure that you will develop talents that can be applied in future. We challenge entrepreneurs from repeatedly engaging in dialogue with customers, users and other stakeholders. Obviously, the starting point here is your own business.




Entrepreneurial education in Utrecht is based on an approach that we call the ‘Utrecht School’. The Utrecht School distinguishes itself by focusing more on the demand side of the value proposition. That leads to a more systematic approach to business design and research on critical assumptions. The end product is a “Fact-Based Business Design”. The approach is used by entrepreneurs such as Tim Brown, Alex Ostenwalder, Eric Ries and others. For the study, they use the “Design Cycle Thinking” and “Lean Start-Up Cycle”. The research is therefore focused on design and it is iterative in nature.

“De kennis die ik hier op heb gedaan is niet alleen waardevol voor mijn bedrijf, maar nu ik het een keer helemaal heb meegemaakt kan ik het vaker inzetten!” - Joost